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Malliaris Travel Agency

Does your agency serve Tinos only?
No. Our agency is based in Tinos and cooperates with all the major ferry operators in the Cyclades, Dodecanese and Crete areas, offering you a comfortable journey and trusted personalised services.
How is payment made?

Payment of telephone bookings can be made to any of the following banks via Internet banking or a credit/debit card on LivePay:

For your own convenience, in the Details field please state the name in which the reservation was made for.

GR69 0260 4260 0003 1020 0171 733

GR45 0172 7170 0057 1708 5513 915

GR27 0110 4760 0000 4764 4013 014

GR04 0140 6040 6040 0210 1000 285

Are there any hidden charges?
No, with us there are no hidden fees or other charges.
How do I get hold of my tickets?
Once you have paid you will receive a text on your mobile phone with a code corresponding to your ticket, which you can then acquire either at the booth next to the ferry or from the head office of the respective operator at your port of departure.

Terms of Tickets and Vehicle Carrier Services

Passenger ticket terms
  • The ticket is individual and issued in person’s name, not transferable and valid for the location, route and date for which it was issued.
  • The passenger must be at the boarding area at least 30 minutes before departure. In the event of a passenger's arrival after the departure, the fare is not refunded.
  • The passenger is entitled to carry hand luggage weighing up to fifty (50) kg without paying a special fare.
  • If the passenger has retained his luggage, the ship owner company is not liable for any damage or loss.
  • Money and valuables can be delivered to the ship's accounting department for safekeeping. The company will not be held liable in the event of loss of such items kept in baggage and not delivered to the ship's accounting department for safekeeping.
  • The ship owner company is not responsible for any delay in the service, deviation and non-observance of a normal course, due to bad weather or orders issued by the Coast Guard or due to force majeure.
  • Passengers are prohibited from carrying explosive, flammable, incendiary and generally hazardous materials.
  • Passengers must comply with any respective Port, Sanitary and Customs provisions.
  • Passengers must comply with the instructions of the captain and crew concerning order and safety on the ship.
  • For any complaints during the journey, passengers must contact either the ship’s captain or first mate and additionally, at the end of the journey, first the ticket issuer and subsequently the ship owner or port authorities. If the passenger’s claims are not met they may contact the Port Authority where they embarked or disembarked, after 15 business days, 3332.12 / 01/09 / 23-02-2009 (Government Gazette 427 B') Y.A. Service.
  • In the event of a dispute, civil courts are to resolve any issues.
Vehicle Carrier Conditions
  • The driver is required to board and disembark their own vehicle.
  • The passenger is required to drive the vehicle to the boarding waiting area one (1) hour before ship’s departure.
  • Vehicle passengers are required to disembark the vehicle before they board the ship.
  • Drivers and passengers must carry on them any items they will need during the journey. It is forbidden to enter the vehicle parking space after departure.
  • Passengers are prohibited from carrying explosive, flammable, incendiary and generally hazardous materials.
  • The order of priority for the boarding of vehicles is determined by the Port Regulations of the respective Port Authority in the area of boarding.

Malliaris Travel

We are the central broker for all major operators on the island, providing high quality services to individual travellers, travel agencies, pilgrim groups etc.


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